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WAVE Contact Lenses at SouthWest Eye Care

If you are looking for a reliable, reputed, and trustworthy eye doctor in Bakersfield, CA, we welcome you to come to visit us at SouthWest Eye Care. Our optometrists and professional staff provide personalized care and attention at our state-of-the-art facility. We are proud to be a full-service eye and vision care center providing a complete range of treatment options needed for optimal eye care.

We offer scleral contacts, pediatric optometry, sports vision treatment, sunglasses, computer vision treatment, contact lens exam, frame selection, eye and vision exams, and more. We also carry WAVE contact lenses at Southwest Eye Care. With WAVE contact lenses, patients receive customized specialty contact lenses based on their corneal tomography and topography.

Contact Lenses

Understanding WAVE Contact Lenses

WAVE contact lenses are computer-designed for custom fitting for each patient. The shape of the cornea can be different from one patient to the other, so if you have an unusually shaped cornea, you might not be comfortable wearing regular contact lenses. WAVE contact lenses are not only designed by a computer but are also manufactured using computerized technology.

The cornea can have a unique shape and texture, just like a fingerprint. The shape of WAVE contact lenses will mirror the shape of the cornea. At Southwest Eye Care, we carry high-tech equipment for wave contact lenses. We will use specially designed hardware and software to map the shape and texture of the cornea. This technology allows our eye doctors to take different measures of the cornea to design contact lenses that offer optimum comfort and vision. With WAVE contact lenses, you can get custom lenses diameter, thickness, and several other adjustments for the perfect fitting.

Wave contact lenses can help with astigmatism, keratoconus, refractive errors, and other vision and eye health issues. In your assessment at Southwest Eye Care, we can determine if you are the right candidate for scleral contact lenses. However, if you have difficulty wearing regular contact lenses, there could be other issues with your eyes. That’s why a complete eye exam is necessary to offer you the right eye care service or product.

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