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Hard to Fit Contacts

Have trouble with contact lenses? See your eye doctor in Bakersfield!

It's not unusual to have trouble getting a good fit with your contact lenses. Don't give up. Your optometrist at Southwest Eye Care will help you with comfortable contacts lenses that give you vision like never before. The problem isn't that you can't wear contacts. The challenge is that your contacts are hard to fit. Our staff at Southwest Eye Care can help find contacts that will work with your unique eyes.

Have trouble with contact lenses? See your eye doctor in Bakersfield!

Why would I need hard to fit contacts?

Certain eye problems require extra attention from your optometrist to make sure your contacts fit comfortably:

  • Astigmatism: Astigmatism is blurry vision that is caused by irregularities in the shape of your cornea. Your contacts have to be fitted so that they accommodate the contour of your eye. They have to be made of materials that will be comfortable even though they have to stay in the same position on your eye all the time. Toric lenses stay in place on your eye. Sometimes our patients have to try several toric lenses before they find one that fits their eye.
  • Complications of LASIK surgery: Sometimes people who have had LASIK need just one contact to make sure their eyes work together when viewing objects at all distances. People who are into sports who have had LASIK are the most likely to need this kind of hard to fit contacts.
  • Conjunctivitis or GPC: People who have GPC have "sticky" eyes. Their eyes generate unusual amounts of mucus that can accumulate on contact lenses. This mucus can also trap allergens under your contact lens and cause allergic irritation. The solution for this problem may be disposable contacts, the kind of contacts you only wear for one day, or gas-permeable lenses, which don't allow as much mucus to stick.
  • Dry eyes: Much of the year, Bakersfield has dry weather. Dry air can cause dry eyes. So can staring at a computer screen all day, because you don't blink as much. People who spend lots of screen time don't get as much of the lubrication on their eye that comes with blinking. The hard to fit contacts that work for dry eyes may be soft contacts that retain moisture or gas-permeable contacts that don't soak up moisture from your eyes.
  • Middle-aged eyes: By the time we are in our 40s, most of us have trouble focusing up close. Called presbyopia, this condition may require bifocal, trifocal, or progressive contact lenses. Or we may develop this condition after we get contacts. Your eye doctor in Bakersfield can adjust your prescription to accommodate the changing needs for correction of your eyes.

Your eye doctor in Bakersfield can take care of all of your needs for hard to fit contacts.

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