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Sports Vision

Sports Vision at Southwest Eye Care in Bakersfield

Most athletes need great vision to be at the top of their game. Your doctors of optometry at Southwest Eye Care in Bakersfield can give you the diagnosis, correction, and coaching you need to have great vision that takes your skills to new levels.

Sports Vision

Sports Vision begins with your eye exam

We test all of our patients for more than just the basics of correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. We diagnose issues with depth perception, peripheral vision, focusing speed, and reaction time. Everyone needs these basics of sports vision benefits whether they are into sports or not, but people for whom athletics are an important part of life need more.

Sports Vision is comprehensive eye care

Eye care in sports vision isn't just about whether you can read letters on a chart. We may pay particular attention to your ability to see objects against a background of similar color and shade. This visual skill is called contrast sensitivity. When you have issues with contrast sensitivity that affect your performance in a particular sport, our doctors may prescribe tinted lenses that compensate for difficulties you have in making out faint objects coming your way, like a ball at night. We give special care to our LASIK patients. Just about no one who gets LASIK has the same amount of correction in both eyes. One eye will be better adjusted for far vision, and the other eye will be better adjusted for near vision. That's really not a problem unless you have an object coming at you and coming close. Sometimes our patients need vision adjustment — even after LASIK — to make sure their eyes work together when focused on incoming objects. The winning edge may require wearing a contact lens in one LASIK-corrected eye.

Even our patients who haven't had LASIK sometimes have a dominant eye that affects their abilities to pay attention to their entire field of vision. We can help.

Sometimes our patients participate in sports that require tracking ability, the skill of following an object moving at a high rate of speed. Southwest Eye Care has diagnostic tools and training tools to help with improving this essential skill. And just about anyone who plays a sport needs excellent eye-hand coordination. We can test for correctable issues and offer training that optimizes eye-hand coordination tailored for your sport. 

Our doctors at Southwest Eye Care offer insightful eye care

Good vision for winning athletes requires a little extra effort. Eye care has to be something you do on a regular basis. Get in touch with us online or call us at (661) 833-4040.