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Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exam

If you've been wearing glasses for a while, and you are thinking of taking the step to wearing contacts, it is time to get a contact lens exam. Exams for contact lenses go further than a comprehensive eye exam because your optometrist needs to be more precise about how you lenses fit and must look closely at your eyes and any history of eye health problems in order to make sure that contacts are right for you.

Contact Lens Exam

Today, more people than ever can wear contact lenses, since there are specialty lenses that can help patients overcome obstacles such as presbyopia, dry eye, astigmatism and giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). At Southwest Eye Care Optometric Center in Bakersfield, CA our Doctor of Optometry will take into consideration any eye conditions or lifestyle challenges you may be facing that could affect what type of lenses are best for you.

Popular Options for Contact Lenses

Silicone -Hydrogel Contacts

These allow more oxygen to reach the cornea than standard soft contacts. Currently, nearly two-thirds of those who wear contacts wear this type.

Soft Lenses

These are made from gel-like plastics called hydrogels that are thin and pliable. These make up 22% of Lenses

Gas Permeable Lenses

Gas Permeable Lenses are rigid lenses that still allow for oxygen to pass through, which makes them more comfortable than regular hard contact lenses. These are a popular option for those with astigmatism, worn by about 11% of people.

What's Accomplished During a Contact Lens Exam? 

When you receive a contact lens exam, the first step will be to evaluate your eyes and determine your prescription along with measurements of your eyes and discuss all the options. Even some without vision problems choose to wear contact lenses for strictly cosmetic uses, such as altering their natural eye color. If you are new to wearing contact lenses, or are trying a new type of lenses, our staff at Southwest Eye Care Optometric Center in Bakersfield will help you find what works best for you. If your lenses are hard to fit, extra trips back to your optometrist may be necessary in order to get the fit right. 

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