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If you have found out that you have hyperopia, you may wonder about the condition and the future of your eyesight. However, there are various vision correction methods that you can use to see your best. If you may have hyperopia and haven't been diagnosed yet, you need your vision exam from the eye doctor. You need to have an eye exam at our optometry center so that your prescription can be found. Your eye care is important, so make sure you visit Southwest Eye Care of Bakersfield, CA, office to see the eye doctor every year. 

Hyperopia Basics

Hyperopia is just another term for farsightedness. Just like the name sounds, it is characterized by being able to see far away better than up close. The close-up vision is generally blurry, while the further objects are much clearer. This happens because the eye creates a refractive error because the eyes are shaped abnormally.

When a patient has hyperopia, their eyes have too short of a shape. When this is the case, the light that comes in won't focus on the correct area. Light should go into the eye and become focused on the retina, a light-sensitive layer of tissue that is inside the back of the eye. Patients with hyperopia instead have light focused behind the retina. This causes the message sent to the brain from the retina to be blurred. 

Patients who are farsighted are usually born that way, but it won't cause problems right away. It takes a lot of years for it to affect your vision. This trait tends to run in families and having it in your family history means you are at higher risk for it. When a child has hyperopia, they often have other problems with their vision such as crossed eyes or a lazy eye. 

Hyperopia Symptoms

When you have hyperopia, you will notice that things close up are blurry. It can also cause you to have sore and tired eyes from straining to see close-up objects. It can also cause headaches, which can be persistent and frequent. Reading and doing crafts and other close-up hobbies become difficult. You might also squint much of the time as you strain to see better. You need to make sure you get your eye exam so that your hyperopia can be monitored.

Get Your Vision Exam

To see an eye doctor in Bakersfield, CA, call Southwest Eye Care to make your eye care appointment at (661) 833-4040. It's important to be seen once a year for your full vision exam.