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Pediatric Eye Exams FAQs

Parents need to schedule regular eye exams for their children. At Southwest Eye Care, our pediatric optometrist has been providing residents of Bakersfield, CA with reliable eye care services for many years. Following are the answers to questions our optometrist frequently receives regarding pediatric eye exams.

Pediatric Eye Exams FAQs

How Often Should My Child See a Pediatric Optometrist?

It is best to take your child to see a pediatric optometrist every year. Children develop at a rapid pace, meaning their eyes also change rapidly. You must make sure they won’t suffer any issues in school, sports, or anything else they are involved in. As children grow physically, their glasses can stop fitting correctly. This is why you must take your child to have his or her glasses updated to make sure they are comfortable and has the correct prescription.

What Do Pediatric Eye Exams Involve?

During a pediatric eye exam, our eye doctor will ask your child to read letters to determine the level of prescription they will need. Our pediatric optometrist will also talk to your child about any vision difficulties as well as your child’s school performance. Depending on the results of the eye exam and any self-reported issues, our eye doctor will determine what to do next.

Is It Appropriate for Children to Wear Contact Lenses?

Children can and do wear contact lenses. Some parents and children prefer that their child wear contact lenses over glasses if their child is involved in sports. While contacts can be difficult to take in and out, your child must learn to be responsible when handling them and not to touch their eyes before washing their hands. With that being said, children don’t often wear contacts until they are at least ten years of age. We will consider your child’s unique situation when determining whether your child will benefit from wearing glasses or contacts.

What Are Some Common Eye Issues in Children?

Many young children experience nearsightedness and can see up close just fine. The good news is that the issue can be easily corrected with prescription lenses. Another common problem among children is a lazy eye. This may happen when one of a child’s eyes does not develop properly and the other eye must pick up the slack. Crossed eyes are another issue that many children are prone to.

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