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Dry Eye

If you are suffering from dry eyes it could be a condition aptly named Dry Eye Syndrome. This condition is more than merely irritating, if left untreated it can progress into a serious eye problem. The well-trained professional staff at Southwest Eye Care in Bakersfield understand Dry Eye Syndrome and how to treat it for the best results.

woman getting treated for dry eye

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye Syndrome happens when there is some factor preventing the eye from maintaining satisfactory moisture levels. This can be due to poor creation of tears, an inability to deliver an adequate supply or improper composition of the tears created and delivered.

There are three layers to tears: a watery center section, a sleek outer layer, and a mucus-like internal layer. Inflammation, clogging, and any other issue that stops the glands from producing and releasing all three of these in the proper ratios, causes the development of Dry Eye Syndrome conditions.

When dry eye is suspected, the eye doctor will look for some telltale signs. Some of the most common symptoms of dry eye include issues such as the feeling that there is something in your eye, light sensitivity, a burning feeling, blurred vision, itching, and red swollen eyelids.

Dry Eye Causes

There are a number of varied factors that can cause dry eye. Among the more simple and common are things such as over-exposure to dry air, wind, or heat as well as environmental irritants like allergies and dust. Moreover, staring at an electronic screen, like a computer, smartphone, or television, for prolonged periods, overuse of long-term wear contacts, and simply not blinking enough can cause dry eye.

In addition, other medical conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, and the medications used to treat them, can trigger the onset of chronic dry eye. This includes LASIK eye surgery and hormone replacement therapy, as well as antihistamines, nasal decongestants, antidepressants, and birth control pills.

Dry Eye Treatment

The first step to reversing dry eye is a proper diagnosis. Then we will work with you to form a deep understanding of the causes of your specific presentation of these conditions. Once we have a complete understanding, we will work with you to find ways to prevent and reverse the dry eye. If necessary, we will recommend a tailored course of treatment. This may include the use of special eye drops, addressing underlying conditions, changing lifestyle habits, and/or unclogging the tear glands with special treatments like LipiFlow.

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